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5 Things I learned today while smoking a turkey in 30 degree weather

  1. Make sure your meat thermometer works prior to T-day
  2. Yes, it is important to rotate Big Bird when you’re tying to smoke a turkey is cold weather.
  3. Propane is not as bad as I’ve said it is in the past, truth be told she can keep a smoker pretty cozy on a cold day.
  4. You can smoke a 12 lbs. turkey with two 1 lbs. propane camp tanks (roughly, see lesson #1 & #2, she wasn’t fully cooked, but I had some propane left)
  5. You can convert your wood burning smoker to propane given enough time, patience, and stubbornness.

I recently posted how I bought a cast iron burner so my wife could start canning (and I could attempt to smoke a turkey in cold weather). So today was the day to get it up and running or die trying. So after my initial plan crashed and burned when I realized it would be incredibly stupid to have the gas hose INSIDE the smoker. I punted.

I really didn’t want to drill a hole into the side of my smoker when I wasn’t really committed to moving to just propane. Again, my decision to try this was built on the idea that I could easily convert back and forth. I’m sure there is a way I could optionally cap off the vent, but I’m really not that handy with tools, and I’m pretty sure I’d royally screw up even drilling a hole into the side of my smoker.  So I took the nozzle off the burner, placed the burner inside & tried to reattached the nozzle through the air intake. It was an incredibly precise fit.  I’m actually amazed it worked. This is really the only modification I needed to make, I attached the camp propane to the line and started her up.  I found that if I just barely turned on the gas, I could keep a steady temperature of 225. When I initially turned it on and fired it all the way up (during a test) the gauge shot up to 450, then I started dialing it down to my desired temp.

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