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Social media & Reality TV are the same thing, smaller screen, same narcissistic BS. – Me Photo courtesy of Jason Rogers.

5 Things I learned today while smoking a turkey in 30 degree weather

1. Make sure your meat thermometer works prior to T-day
2. Yes, it is important to rotate Big Bird when you’re tying to smoke a turkey is cold weather.
3. Propane is not as bad as I’ve said it is in the past, truth be told she can keep a smoker pretty cozy on a cold day.
4. You can smoke a 12 lbs. turkey with two 1 lbs. propane camp tanks (roughly, see lesson #1 & #2, she wasn’t fully cooked, but I had some propane left)
5. You can convert your wood burning smoker to propane given enough time, patience, and stubbornness.
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What is Thanksgiving?

So I saw two different videos asking British persons what their perceptions of the American holiday of Thanksgiving is. And it got me wondering, what do other think of our strange food centric Holiday? So I really want to hear your thoughts. But not just my non-american friends, my beer… 

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Margaret Thatcher on power

Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t. – Margaret Thatcher

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Smoked Turkey

Last week my wife came to me and said she wanted to start canning but our stoves ceramic top wasn’t rated to handle the weight. So she wanted to buy a propane burner to accomplish her canning needs.  Which sparked an idea… If it was sized right, I could put… 

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I only played little league for one summer and I can see what that major league ball player is doing wrong. Infinite wisdom of the Drunk guy behind me at royals stadium

My core values

I was watching a video by “The art of manliness” and he discussed the idea of building out your core values.  Something to look at each day, and measure your day by.  It inspired me to write my core values.  So I’ve decided to share them, cause if I can’t… 

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