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My core values

I was watching a video by “The art of manliness” and he discussed the idea of building out your core values.  Something to look at each day, and measure your day by.  It inspired me to write my core values.  So I’ve decided to share them, cause if I can’t share them… then they ain’t core values.

  1. My family is my first and most important ministry I have, nothing else I do matters more, and my life’s success hinges on my families success.
  2. I will obey and listen to God in all things that I do, not because I fear him, but because what I am today is a product of my obedience to him thus far.
  3. Success isn’t being the best in the world, it’s being the best I can be.  Doing the best I can do, Achieving the most I can, and stretching myself to be the most I can. It doesn’t matter how much I make or my position, what matters is am I learning, am I growing, am I more then I was a year ago.
  4. People will let me down, but I will do all in my power (unless it violates rule 1 or 2) to not let others down.
  5. My children will not view me as Superman, but a flawed man that is covered in God’s grace and good intentions.
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